Pexpo chromo 1 ltr

Pexpo chromo 1 ltr

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pecifications: 1. Can be used while ‘on-the-go’ in addition to home/refrigerator use. 2. Cap is water tight thus prevents spillage 3. It has a wide base which makes it stable 4. It has wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning 5. You can carry this with your cycle, bike or car 6. It is most suitable for travel, gym, office, school, sports, shops etc.
Note – This Product Comes in assorted Colors.
The water bottle is made of fine quality food grade stainless steel material. It has a classic design which includes a lid on the mouth of the bottle which opens with just a push from the bottom.This bottle can be used in various situations like yoga, running, work out, biking, cycling, jogging, camping or any other sport. Because of its design, it can be used with one hand only which makes it convenient to use in all the above mentioned situations.The bottle has a capacity which is enough to fulfill your daily hydration needs while doing physical activities. The bottle fits in any bag making its size convenient in all aspects. It is very easy to clean and fill, and it has a wide mouth which makes the water flow easily.


Made of stainless steel and it holds up to 500 Ml Appoxx / 25-ounces of liquid
This water bottle is trendy and is in sports design pattern and can carry water, juice, milk and other fluids in this bottle.
No-Slip Solid-Grip Exterior means the bottle stays in your hand no matter how sweaty the situation
The beauty of our dishwasher safe bottle is its ease of use. To clean, you simply remove the cap and wash It in the dishwasher or sink for a perfectly clean bottle every time.


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